Who are we?


Following a research project that was initiated in 1987, Transtrend B.V. (“Transtrend”) was established in 1991 as an asset manager purely focused on systematic trading strategies. Transtrend’s approach is aimed at exploiting trends in financial and commodities markets and is entirely based on quantitative analysis of typical price behavior in these markets. Transtrend’s trading strategies have no directional bias and can go long or short in their attempt to benefit from price patterns that represent good profit expectancy over time. The strategies are designed to remain neutral in a market if it does not move according to certain pre-defined criteria. The exploited price behaviour concerns medium-term trends in instruments traded as well as in combinations of different instruments. Eminent risk management is at the heart of Transtrend’s methodology. Distinctive data management and an advanced technical infrastructure are supportive key elements. Transtrend’s trading strategies are consistent and applied with utmost discipline.



Transtrend’s team is experienced and consists of more than 60 qualified professionals, approximately half of which is dedicated to research & development.



Transtrend is authorised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to act as the alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) of alternative investment funds (AIFs) and to provide individual portfolio management services. In addition, Transtrend is registered under the United States Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, as a commodity trading advisor (CTA), and as a swaps firm and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in these capacities.



Transtrend’s clients consist of professional investors including prominent banks, investment funds, pools and family offices. As of August 2017, the aggregate assets under management of Transtrend amount to approximately USD 4.96 billion. (including notional funds)



Transtrend is appointed as the AIFM of two Luxembourg domiciled AIFs, Transtrend Fund Alliance SICAV (www.multitrend.com and www.omnitrend.lu) and Transtrend Equity Strategies SICAV (www.aequitrend.com).


Ownership structure

Transtrend operates as an independent wholly-owned subsidiary of the Robeco Groep N.V. (www.robeco.com/en/about-us/about-robeco-group.html), which is 100% owned by Orix Corporation (www.orix.co.jp). Here you can find the report of Transtrend's Managing Directors for 2016 (excerpt).



Transtrend supports initiatives which promote education. Firstly, because inspiring education has enabled us to do the work that we are doing; and secondly, Transtrend would not be able to sustain without well educated professionals. As Transtrend’s roots are quant-oriented, we focus our efforts exclusively on quantitative education. For further information, please refer to the Netherlands language section of the web site.