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Moving towards net zero

We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our operation, moving closer towards net zero carbon emission in our workplaces in the coming years.

Moving towards net zero

Transtrend is committed to proactively contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our operation, moving closer towards net zero carbon emission in our workplaces in the coming years. To achieve this, we follow a three-step approach:

  1. Reduce carbon emission where possible
  2. Use sustainable sources or solutions where possible
  3. Offset any remaining carbon emission
Reduce carbon emissions where possible

Some measures to reduce the environmental footprint of Transtrend have already been in place for many years: Movement sensors turn off the lights in parts of the office where no one is working. Many employees come to the office by public transport, bicycle or on foot. Obsolete computers are donated to schools or other civic organizations. We use reusable modular wall systems, cupboards and furniture in the office layout where possible. Paper and cardboard are collected separately from the other trash. And although we are admittedly not a paperless office, many initiatives proposed by employees have helped to significantly reduce our paper consumption. In the last few years, we have switched to LED lights, increased our focus on the economic use of energy by our server rooms, and made video conferencing possible to reduce business travel.

Use sustainable sources or solutions where possible

Green electricity powers our Rotterdam offices. Our backup location does not use green electricity (yet), which we have identified as an area for improvement.

Offset any remaining carbon emission

We offset our indirect carbon emission through air travel since 2018. Our other sources of emission are either less material in terms of total Transtrend emission, difficult to quantify at this stage, or sustainability has already been enhanced (i.e., green electricity). It is our ambition to expand the program in the coming years.

Coordination and oversight

Further reduction of our carbon footprint remains on the agenda of a dedicated working group ‘Duurzaam Transtrend’, as new ideas or possibilities may develop, or existing ideas may become worthwhile to implement. The working group works closely with our ESG committee, consisting of five employees from different teams who prioritize, coordinate and monitor all ESG projects and initiatives — including footprint reduction related ones — across the firm, under the final responsibility of Transtrend’s management board.


Responsible investing

Transtrend invests in a responsible manner. We aim to contribute to well-functioning, well-organized and reliable markets.

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