Opalesque 2017 Netherlands Roundtable

The Opalesque 2017 Netherlands Roundtable, moderated by Matthias Knab, took place in Amsterdam on 27 September and featured Pieter de Vries Robbé, Rob van Kuijk, Arent Thijsen, Gildas Le Treut, Jos van Trier and Harold de Boer.


The event's theme 'The Bubble of Everything and the Failure of "Traditional" Investing' led to discussions on among others passive investing, artificial intelligence, Bitcoin and responsible investing, and allowed the participants to share their sometimes unconventional perspectives.


More data doesn’t mean more information. It’s like searching for wild boars in a forest; more trees doesn’t mean more boars. It just makes it harder to find the boars.

Full report

Please visit Opalesque's website for a full description of the event and to gain access to the full report of this Roundtable session.