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HedgeNordic 2020 Virtual CTA Roundtable

On the return and dispersion drivers during the Covid-crisis, risk management, alternative markets and the next generation of CTAs.

December 2020

Top Traders Unplugged

Harold de Boer discusses the recent market crash, what it means to be a liquidity provider, and investors' responsibility towards the agricultural markets.

April 2020

The hedgefund journal interview

On systematic investing, best execution and ESG.

January 2020

HedgeNordic 2019 CTA Roundtable

2019 in review, the role of CTAs in a portfolio and new trading approaches.

November 2019

Trend Following Radio


December 2018

Listen to Ep. 723

Top Traders Unplugged


Episode 103

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Kathryn Kaminski speak with Harold de Boer. Listen in to learn about Transtrend's history, our way of trading and Harold's unique perspective on the investment industry.

June 2018

Listen to Ep. 103
Episode 104

Niels Kaastrup-Larsen and Kathryn Kaminski continue their conversation with Harold de Boer. Listen in to learn about Transtrend's trading of synthetic market combinations, current research projects and Harold's perspective on volatility.

June 2018

Listen to Ep. 104

HedgeNordic 2018 CTA Roundtable

2018 in review, changed market dynamics and innovation & adaptation.

November 2018

Opalesque 2017 Netherlands Roundtable

On responsible investing, artificial intelligence and data vs. information.

September 2017

The hedgefund journal interview

25 Years of active trend following: differentiated, Dutch and innovative.

April 2017

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