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Responsible Investing

The market is not a shop

What really defines a well-functioning market?

December 2019
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Trend Following

Why to avoid alpha, and how – part 3

Decomposing ‘crisis alpha’ into crisis beta and negative alpha.

June 2019
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Investment Philosophy

Why to avoid alpha, and how – part 2

The non-portability of alpha.

May 2019
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Responsible Investing

Technology and responsibility

The more people rely on technology in their decision-making process and the execution of their decisions, and the more sophisticated and autonomous this technology becomes, the greater the human responsibility for the well-functioning of the technology used.

March 2019
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Investment Philosophy

Why to avoid alpha, and how – part 1

Redefining the art of investing from ‘striving for positive alpha’ to ‘avoiding negative alpha’.

October 2018
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