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Our human capability to filter and interpret markets is our greatest strength.

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Active investment management

Transtrend specializes in active systematic investment management. Our trading approach is the result of over 25 years of experience in researching markets and managing assets for our clients. Of actively moving with the markets.

Our Diversified Trend Program – launched in 1992 – trades over 500 global futures and forward markets, including a variety of synthetic market combinations. The strategy is designed to capture the underlying trends moving these markets. It aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to the major asset classes.

Recent publications


Why to avoid alpha, and how – part 1

Redefining the art of investing from striving for positive alpha to avoiding negative alpha.

(October 2018)

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Real factor investing

Real factor investing is about acknowledging and respecting the real factors that drive markets. Why does Eugene buy a car?

(August 2018)

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Our history

Transtrend has been moving with the markets for over 25 years.

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Meet our team

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Responsible investing

Transtrend invests in a responsible manner. We aim to contribute to well-functioning, well-organized and reliable markets.

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