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An active and adaptive approach

Transtrend is a leading systematic investment manager, specialized in trend-based trading. Our active and adaptive approach is the result of close to 30 years of experience in researching markets and managing assets for our clients — the result of actively moving with the markets.

Our trading program — launched in 1992 — aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated to the major asset classes. It has an absolute return objective and does not follow, nor specifically strives to outperform, any benchmark or index. We trade futures, forwards and swap markets globally across multiple asset classes, and have designed our program to capture the broader underlying trends that move these markets.

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Crisis alpha in the Covid-19 crisis

Evaluating the performance of CTA trend programs during the Covid-19 crisis.

July 2021
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Prepared for inflation

The macro component in our trading program helps us in getting prepared for regime changes.

March 2021
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