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The following collection of articles sets out our trading approach and highlights what differentiates our Diversified Trend Program from other investment programs.

Investment Philosophy

Investing in commodities as an inflation hedge?

While a passive investment in commodities does offer protection against inflation, a more active approach seems more appropriate.

April 2022
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Investment Philosophy

Crisis alpha in the Covid-19 crisis

Evaluating the performance of CTA trend programs during the Covid-19 crisis.

July 2021
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Trend Following

Prepared for inflation

The macro component in our trading program helps us in getting prepared for regime changes.

March 2021
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Trend Following

Trend following – raincoat or coat rack?

Back to the real art of investing: selling high and buying low.

August 2020
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Responsible Investing

From mortgages to wheat – part 2

A closer look at the wheat market and an investor’s role in it.

June 2020
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Trend Following

More than 25 years of trend following

In a continuously evolving world, it is our ambition to keep on adapting.

January 2017
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Trend Following

Hay fires and self-heating

Our 2013 analysis of the market behavior prior to and after 2008 − what changed and how should we adapt?

July 2013
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