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The market is not a shop

What really defines a well-functioning market?

December 2019
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Responsible Investing

Technology and responsibility

The more people rely on technology in their decision-making process and the execution of their decisions, and the more sophisticated and autonomous this technology becomes, the greater the human responsibility for the well-functioning of the technology used.

March 2019
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Responsible Investing

What drives the cocoa market?

Recent developments in the cocoa market received some media attention discussing the impact of computerized trading. In this article we provide some color on the cocoa market and the role and responsibility of investors in this market.

May 2018
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Responsible Investing

Transaction costs according to PRIIPs

The methodology to calculate transaction costs according to PRIIPs does not meet the basic premise that buying at a higher price is more expensive than buying at a lower price. Therefore, the transaction costs we report are meaningless and offer no transparency.

January 2018
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Responsible Investing

Active or passive?

Contributing to the market versus disturbing the market.

June 2017
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